Coastline ROP - Teachers

Direct Teachers

Name Courses Location
Ahmadi, Mariana
Engineering Design THHS
Alonzo, Elaine
Retail Sales & Merch. Internship / Retail & Service Careers Co-op WSTML/SHS
Ambrose, Matt Fire Science 101 MVHS
Barnhill, Barry
Introduction to Medical Careers / Medical Terminology MVHS
Batte, Joe
Theater Technology HBHS
Browder, Melissa
Baking & Pastry Fundamentals / Culinary Arts CSHS
Burns, Rosa
Dental Assistant Back Office (Fall) /
Dental Assistant Back Office Internship (Spring)
Cabrie, Michael
Sports Medicine ETHS
Charleston, Giovanna
Dental Assistant Front Office ROP

Clark, Larien

Culinary Arts OVHS
Cooper, Craig
Microsoft Tools THHS
Fanelli, Tracy
Art of Animation / Computer Graphics / Computer Graphics (Adv) / Multimedia Communication Design THHS
Frymire, Brittany
Introduction to Medical Careers PHS
Gilbert, Gina
Administration of Justice (Fall) / Crime Scene Investigation (Spring) THS/WHS
Harnack, John*
Art of TV & Video Production MVHS
Harris, Tyler
Computer Graphics / Computer Graphics (Adv) / Multimedia Communications Design / Visual Imagery ESHS
Harward, Matt
Entertainment Art HBHS
Hayden, Kathe
Floral Design / Floral Design (Advanced) ROP
Hulbert, James
Automotive Technology GWC
Jackson, Holli
Sports Medicine EHS
Jeske, Ali
Sports Medicine LHHS
Kato, Britt
Sports Medicine MHS
Kingsbury, Ashley
Baking and Pastry Fundamentals / Culinary Arts


Kirkwood, Clint
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) CSHS
Laffen, Teresa
Diversified Service Careers Internship ROP/MHS
Lauderdale, Jon
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) THHS
Lee, Mark
Art of TV & Video Production / Broadcast News /
Film & Digital Media Studies
McConnell, Erin
Art of Animation / Computer Graphics MVHS
McDuffie, James
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) EHS
McNeil, David
Sports Medicine / Sports Medicine (Advanced) CMHS
Mandelbaum, Craig
Business Internship / Computerized Accounting MVHS/THHS
Mayfield, Rich
Engineering Innovations ROP
Meade, Bob
Construction Technology MHS
Mesa, Michael
Art of Animation / Art of TV & Video Production / Broadcast News / Film & Digital Media Studies / Multimedia Communications Design CMHS
Miles, Kelly
Theater Technology MVHS
Miller, John
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) THHS
Mitcheltree, Darlene
Animal Health Care Internship ROP
Moreno, Maria
Hotel and Tourism Internship UHS
Murillo, Cecilia
CNA (Pre-Certification) Internship OVHS/ROP
Murphy, Tina
Art of TV & Video Production / Broadcast News PHS
Noceti, Joe
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) VVHS
Ortiz, Cesar
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) WHS
Osbourne, Chanel
Diversified Service Careers Internship MHS
Patterson, Julie
Culinary Arts (Advanced) NHHS
Perez, Christina

Costume Design

Petrasich, Brenton
Automotive Technology / Automotive Technology Internship


Petzold, Darin

Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Adv)

Post, Logan
Sports Medicine BHS
Rafferty, Mike
Construction Technology Pre-Apprenticeship ESTHS
Raj, Vishal
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) CSHS
Rico, Monique
Careers with Children Internship WHS
Rodriguez, Christine
Baking & Pastry Fundamentals VVHS
Schatti, Thomas
Culinary Arts (Advanced) / Culinary Arts Internship THS
Shanahan, Ray
Emergency Medical Responder MHS
Shell, Dan*
Food Services Co-op ETHS
Sherman, Daniel
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) / Fire Science 101 FVHS/MVHS
Sianturi, Morris
Pharmacy Technician / Pharmacy Technician Internship FVHS/WHS
Solis, Nasario
Administration of Justice / Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) LHHS/MVHS
Spanjer, Jenn

Sports Medicine

Sullivan, Patrick
Automotive Technology / Automotive Technology Pre-Apprenticeship LHHS
Taylor, Joshua
Art of TV & Video Production / Film & Digital Media Studies THHS
Testerman, Heather
Baking & Pastry Fundamentals LHHS
Tran Eddie
Medical Core SHS
Vevia, David
Visual Imagery / Visual Imagery (Advanced) /
Careers with Children Internship
Wilcox, Charlie Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) ETHS
Wulff, Bridget
CNA (Pre-Certification) Internship LHHS
Yuuki, Hayato
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) / Intro to Medical Careers (Fall) / Medical Terminology (Spring) ESTHS
Zimbleman, Lisa
Medical Nursing Careers Internship ROP


Contracted Teachers

Name Courses Location
Anderson, Lauren
Computer Graphics FVHS
Artiano, Vicki
Computer Graphics CSHS
Ausa, Rosemarie
Computer Graphics FHHS
Berger, Greg

Engineering Innovations

Berzsenyi, Laszlo
Entrepreneurship / Marketing Principles / Microsoft Tools HHS
Bettger, Ranae
Theater Technology UHS
Bierbaum, Ondine
Professional Dance MVHS
Boice, Nathan
Art of TV & Video Production / Film & Digital Media Studies BHS
Camiling, Jay
Careers in Education (Docent Program) THHS
Cardoza, Bertha
Computer Graphics HHS
Cole, Carol
Computer Graphics MHS
Crossett, Kevin
Engineering Design HBHS
Cunneen, Marilyn
Virtual Enterprise MHS
Dunavold, Danyelle
Theater Technology NHS
Eich, Michael
Art of Animation FVHS
Farr, Jeff
Engineering Design & Development / Principles of Engineering FHHS
Goodfellow, Joyanne
Computer Graphics / Visual Imagery (Advanced) ETHS
Hancock, Matt
Music Technology CMHS
Havard, Doug

Programming & Robotics

Hensley, Tyler
Computerized Accounting OVHS
Hernandez, Ed
Engineering Design & Development / Intro to Product Design & Engineering THS
Hoist, John
Art of TV & Video Production NHHS
Jamie Aguilar, Ibeth
AP Computer Science A NHS
Jones, Roland
Music Technology THS
Keating, Roger
Entrepreneurship / Microsoft Tools OVHS
Khurgel, Miriam
Computer Graphics IHS
Knight, Jamie
Music Technology HBHS
Kols, Jason
Sports Medicine FVHS
Kramer, Dana
Visual Imagery / Computer Graphics UHS
Lavrov, Eddie
Web Site Development FVHS
Macare, Kevin
Computer Graphics LHHS
Manning, Gigi
Computer Graphics BHS
McCance, Sarah
Sports & Entertaining Marketing / Virtual Enterprise FVHS
Moir, Casey
Automotive Technology ETHS
Nadal, Maria
Art of Animation / Multimedia Communications Design ETHS
Olvey, Justin
Music Technology UHS
Osborne, Debbie
Careers in Education THHS
Osborne, Steve
Sports Medicine THHS
Pash, Anthony
Computer Graphics / Visual Imagery FVHS
Paul, Jason
Culinary Arts FHHS
Peterson, Carrie
Multimedia Communications Design / Video Game Design MHS
Petrullio, Rich
Automotive Technology MVHS
Phillips, Rebeccah
Film & Digital Media Studies IHS
Pilon, Sarah
Culinary Arts NHHS
Price, Kristopher
Film & Digital Media Studies FHHS
Rans, Kevin
Automotive Technology WHS
Rice, Bryan
Introduction to Engineering THS
Richter, Rebecca
Baking and Pastry Fundamentals EHS
Rickards, Joshua
Automotive Technology


Russell, Gary
Virtual Enterprise IHS

Sellwood, Stephen

Art of TV & Video Production / Broadcast News

Shafer, Todd
Multimedia Communications Design / Video Game Design WHS
Shell, Dan*
Visual Imagery / Visual Imagery (Advanced) FHS
Simmons, Michael
Art of TV and Video Production / Broadcast News
Music Technology
Takeno, Matt
Computer Graphics / Visual Imagery WBHS
Tsang, Mark
Visual Imagery / Visual Imagery (Advanced) MVHS
Wai, Jer
AP Computer Science A / AP Computer Science Principles / Computer Programming WHS
Zamora, Eric
Art of TV & Video Production / Film & Digital Media Studies / Visual Imagery THS

Ziebarth, Chris

Entertainment Art / Multimedia Communications Design
Visual Imagery
Zogg, David
Visual Imagery / Visual Imagery (Advanced) LHHS
* Direct & Contracted




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