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Have your information ready to register:

  • Email address you check most often
  • Date of Birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Student Cell Phone Number
  • Language First Learned
  • School Currently Attending
  • Graduation Year
  • Student ID# from Home High School
  • School Counselor Name
  • Special Programs you are in
  • ROP Student ID (optional)
  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Parent/ Guardian Email Address
  • Parent/Guardian Phone Number

Registration Begins:

  • Grade 12:
    Monday, November 16, 4 PM
  • Grade 11:
    Monday, November 30, 4 PM
  • Grades 9/10:
    Monday, December 7, 4 PM

If you register before your assigned date, your registration will be deleted.

Incomplete registration will also be deleted.

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