Coastline Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

Course Descriptions

designates a course articulated with one or more community colleges.

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Industry Sectors

Agriculture and Natural Resources    

Agriculture and Natural Resources

      Animal Health Care (Fall)
      Animal Health Care Internship (Spring)
Arts Media and Entertainment    

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

    Art of Animation
    Art of TV & Video Production
    Broadcast News 
    Computer Graphics
      Computer Graphics (Adv.)
    Costume Design
    Film & Digital Media Studies 
      Intermediate Video & Film
      Media Arts Advanced
      Media Arts Intermediate
      Media Arts Introduction
    Multimedia Communications Design 
      Study of TV & Film Making
      Theater Technology
Building Trades and Construction    

Building and Construction Trades

      BITA (Building Industry Technology Academy)
Foundation of Residential & Commercial Construction
    Construction Technology Pre-Apprenticeship
Education Child Development and Family Services    

Education, Child Development and Family Services

  Careers with Children Internship
      Child Development
Engineering and Design    

Engineering and Architecture

    Engineering Design & Development
      Introduction to Engineering Design
      Principles of Engineering
Health Science and Medical Terminology    

Health Science and Medical Technology

      CNA (Pre-Certification) Internship 
      CTE Medical Pathways
      Dental Assistant Back Office (Fall)
      Dental Assistant Back Office Internship (Spring)
      Dental Assistant Front Office 
      Medical Careers & Health Systems
    Medical Nursing Careers Internship
      Pharmacy Technician
      Pharmacy Technician Internship
    Sports Medicine & Athletic Training
      Sports Medicine Advanced
  Sports Medicine Internship
Hospitality Tourism and Recreation    

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

Baking & Pastry Fundamentals
    Culinary Arts 
      Culinary Arts (Adv.)
    Culinary Arts Internship 

Manufacturing and Product Development

      Computerized Integrated Manufacturing
Marketing Sales and Service    

Marketing, Sales, and Service

      Diversified Service Careers Internship 
      Retail Sales & Merchandising Internship
    Virtual Enterprise
Public Services    

Public Services

      Administration of Justice (AOJ)
      Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) 
      Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 
Fire Science 101 


    Automotive Technology
      Automotive Technology Advanced
Automotive Technology Internship
      Automotive Technology Introduction
    Automotive Technology MLR I
    Automotive Technology MLR II


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