Coastline ROP

Priorities: 2010-2011


I. Improve ROP instructional programs and support services to achieve maximum educational impact on students.


Provide classes that meet the career technical education needs of students in our participating districts.

Status:  To fully understand the CTE needs of students, career specialists survey students, visit classrooms, and have individual student conferences.  In addition,the superintendent and the directors of student services and instructional services meet with steering committee members and high school principals to discuss and plan course offerings for the school year.  The High School Partner Perspective points to the success of our classes.  This graph shows the percentage of districts’ eleventh and twelfth grade students enrolled in ROP classes.  The percentages are as follows:  HBUHSD 24%, IUSD 24%, NMUSD 35%, SVUSD 39%, and TUSD 34%.  Using State Fiscal Stabilization Funds, we will offer a limited summer school based on student interest and need.


Offer at least two additional classes that lead to certification; offer a fee-based class.

Status:  Implementation of the National Center for Construction Education and Research certification program for our construction classes is underway.  Students who pass the exam will be certified on the core craft skills in construction.  Teachers attended the initial training to become certified last fall; and Tom Williams attended one additional training session in the spring.  We are piloting the program at Laguna Hills High School this semester.  Students were tested on several modules; but in order to become certified, a full year of instruction is required.  Although the current instructor is retiring, his replacement will continue the program.   

The other planned course that leads to certification is Photovoltaic Installation.  The teacher who was going to offer the class is resigning at the end of the semester, and we currently do not have another teacher qualified to teach the class.

We will be certifying students in our culinary programs.  Due to a new state requirement, students in Culinary Arts Internship classes will be trained in food safety practices to reduce the potential for food-borne illness.  They will then be required to pass the ServSafe Food Handler Certification exam.  Our teachers are registered ServSafe Food Handler instructors.  The exam costs $15 per student and will be funded by the ROP as passage of this exam is required before students are able to participate in their internship.  This requirement goes into effect July 1, 2011.

We will be offering our first fee-based class this summer: Medical Terminology.   The class will be offered to adult students for $300 plus the cost of a textbook.  We anticipate that this will be a high demand class; it is a foundational health class and adults are rarely able to enroll in it as it typically fills with high school students.


Continue to implement CTE curriculum standards to increase academic rigor and real-world relevance.

Status:  Instructional staff members have received additional training on standards implementation including a presentation by Dr. Willard Daggett on Integrating Academics with CTE and the New Common Core Standards.

One of the coordinators attended a workshop, Infusing Math into CTE, along with the math teacher and construction teacher at Estancia High School.  The concept is for the two teachers to collaborate and take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching math and construction thus increasing the rigor and relevance for students. 

One of our coordinators, an automotive technology teacher, and a math teacher from Westminster High School accompanied a team of educators from Coast Community College District to Tesla Motors in Palo Alto in March.  Tesla Motors manufactures high performance electric cars, and the goal of the trip was to develop lesson plans incorporating academic and career technical education standards.

Additionally, one of our coordinators attended a two-day interactive seminar entitled, Engaging Classroom Assessments: The Making Standards Work Training.  Information from this seminar will be utilized to create standards-based performance assessments for use in the classroom. 


Revise curriculum for internship experience and include requirement for portfolios or other culminating activities.

Status:  Our teacher on special assignment reviewed existing materials and developed activities that will enhance the internship experience.  Eleven activities were designed to address the Expectations for Students.  These activities collectively called, The Internship Experience, will require students to learn more about their internship site and the industry.  The career portfolio component was updated to include a lesson on pre-employment tests in addition to revisions of the resume and interviewing lesson plans.


Refine instructional practices of teachers to enhance student achievement.

Status:  Due to our participation in the CTE Teach grant, our teacher on special assignment has been able to coach new and existing teachers in an effort to refine their instructional practices.  The new credentialing requirements for teachers stipulate that we work with an approved agency to process credentials.  To that end, Coastline ROP has signed a memo of understanding with the San Diego County Office of Education.  As a result of this affiliation, our coordinators and our teacher on special assignment attended a training session on mentoring new teachers; and they received multiple resources to use when working with new and existing teachers.


Submit two additional courses for UC/CSU a-g approval.

Status:  Instructional Services submitted Advanced Visual Imagery for UC a-g approval in September.  The course was approved in April.   One of the instructional coordinators and a teacher collaborated on the outline for Entertainment Art and submitted it for approval in June.

One of the instructional program coordinators and our project specialist participated in the University of California Integration Institute.  As a result, a course was developed entitled Contemporary Culture and Media Studies.  This course integrates social science, language arts, and CTE media arts standards.  This course will be available for use statewide.


Focus on Expectations for Students (ESs) to strengthen students’ personal and professional skills.

Status:  Teachers attended a workshop in March on 21st Century Career Planning Skills.  Many of the resources teachers received addressed Coastline ROP’s Expectations for Students, especially career planning skills and personal and professional skills.

The Expectations for Students are also highlighted in each edition of Tech Teacher Times.  Also, the new activities in The Internship Experience are based on the Expectations for Students.


Provide teachers with additional information and accommodation strategies for students with special needs.

Status:  Teachers are provided with information regarding the special needs of their enrolled students through the use of the special needs referral protocol.  Career specialists deliver the special needs referral form to the on-campus case carrier to complete.  This form allows the student’s case carrier to inform the teacher of any necessary accommodations such as the need for a note taker, providing additional time on tests, or using appropriate seating arrangements.  Many case carriers attach additional information such as an IEP or other formal documents which further explain the student’s needs.  Some career specialists attend IEP meetings.  Should the teacher require additional information regarding the student, he/she can contact the student’s case carrier directly.  Reasonableaccommodations necessary to assist the student in successful completion of the course are provided. 

Additionally, a pamphlet designed to help teachers effectively work with students who have a variety of learning disabilities has been drafted.  It describes the behavior that may be preventing the student from achieving competencies and offers a number of approaches that can be easily implemented to assist students. 


Administer assessment tests for medical classes.

Status:  For spring semester 2011, Coastline ROP began an assessment testing practice to ensure appropriate student placement in two medical programs:  Nurse Assistant Pre-Certification Internship and Medical Assistant Back Office Internship.  In December, adult students interested in enrolling in either of these programs were tested on basic math and language skills.  Students that passed both portions of these assessments were eligible for enrollment.

II. Collect relevant student data to assess the impact of Coastline ROP courses on student learning.


Create and administer a student exit survey.

Status:  The Student Exit Survey was created and sent to teachers in May for implementation at the end of the semester.   Teachers with access to computer labs will have students complete the survey online via SurveyMonkey.  If internet access is not available, teachers will print the survey and have students complete a hard copy.  Hard copies will be entered into Survey Monkey for complete analysis of collected data.


Develop a comprehensive, centralized student data repository to include enrollment and attendance numbers, demographic information, student achievement, student placement, etc.

Status:  The data committee was formed in April of 2010.  It is made up of representatives from each department and has met six times.  Collectively the members developed a data-needs spreadsheet that lists who needs what data when, who will provide the data, and what the data is needed for.  From the data-needs spreadsheet, a file structure was developed and created on the public drive for the Data Repository.  Currently, the identified data is being gathered and placed in the Data Repository.  Responsibility for maintenance and updating files in the Data Repository is being assigned to those in positions to most easily gather and disseminate accurate information.  The Data Repository will continue to grow and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the organization.


Analyze district data to determine ROP impact on student enrollment.

Status:  Two reports have been developed to help analyze district data and determine ROP impact on student enrollment.  The first was developed by the instructional services project specialist and is entitled High School Partner Perspective.  This report shows by district the total number of high school students, the number of ninth and tenth graders, the number of eleventh and twelfth graders, the number of eleventh and twelfth graders enrolled in ROP courses, and the percentage of the eleventh and twelfth graders enrolled in ROP.  This is the second year we have researched this data and now have a comparative base.  The data for 2008-09 and 2009-10 shows that in 2009-10 student enrollment in ROP courses dropped between 2% and 6% in all districts except SVUSD.  The drop in enrollment is due to budget constraints and the resulting decrease in ROP classes.

The second report was developed by the manager of technology services and is entitled Enrollment by High School.  This report is produced for each district and it outlines by high school how many students took ROP courses in their home district, how many students took ROP courses outside of their home district, and where they attended those courses.  The report also gives total district enrollment in ROP bell-schedule classes, ROP non-bell-schedule classes, and states how many students from other districts are attending ROP courses in their district.  These indicators give us details about where students are enrolling and the impact we have across district lines.  It is a helpful tool as we explain the significance of the “regionality” of our program.


Redesign high school enrollment form to secure mandated student information.

Status:  The data committee reviewed the high school enrollment form and evaluated what fields needed to be added in order to make our student information compliant.  Subsequently, fields were added for the following:

  • First language learned
  • Disability
  • Programs indicating special needs
  • Cell phone number
  • Student’s e-mail address
  • Parent’s e-mail address

The revised scantrons were implemented for spring semester of 2011.

Additionally, a revised adult registration form was created to gather the necessary information needed for fee-based classes.

III. Sustain effective budget development and expenditure procedures.


Obtain a favorable audit review.

Status:  There were no findings or adjustments noted for the audit performed in September for fiscal year 2009-10.


Maintain fiscal solvency during current budgetary climate.

Status:  State budget information and the potential impact to Coastline ROP is reviewed on a regular basis. The business director attends monthly CBO meetings at the Orange County Department of Education to stay informed about budget issues.  In addition, we continue to maintain a healthy reserve and a positive cash flow. Currently the portion of our reserves designated for economic uncertainty is 6% of current year expenditures; whereas, the undesignated portion of our reserves is 34% of current year expenditures.  


Meet or exceed the 2010-11 ADA goal.

Status:  As of May 15, 2011, we have missed our ADA projection by less than two percent or 39 ADA.  Due to categorical flexibility and the 2008-09 budget provisions, Coastline ROP funding remains constant no matter how much ADA we generate.  Thus, there is no fiscal consequence for not reaching our target.  However, our aim is to serve as many students as possible so we set an ADA target.  There are a few causes for the reduced ADA: (1) we decreased enrollment in our cosmetology courses for financial reasons and lost about 18 ADA;    (2) three of our districts mandated furlough days, so we have fewer days of student attendance; and (3) we have about 330 fewer students this year.


Maintain reserve amounts to ensure positive fund balance.

Status:  At the Estimated Actuals Report, we are projecting a deficiency of revenues over expenditures, thus decreasing our ending reserves by $1.38 million.  Of that amount, $878,702 is the use of SFSF and lottery reserves, whereas $506,750 is the use of regular ROP reserves.  Based on current information, we will have a positive fund balance at the close of fiscal year 2010-11 and a positive fund balance for the next two fiscal years.


Seek alternative program funding.

Status:  As of March, the ROP has secured $66,897 in additional funding.  This figure includes allocations from community colleges, Perkins, the CTE Teach grant, and the Target Field Trip grant.  Currently, Coastline ROP is partnering with South Orange County Community College District, Vital Link, Cisco, and Kaiser Permanente to apply for a Department of Labor grant, expected to be announced in January 2012.  The grant will focus on expanding and enhancing health science courses. 

The Coastline ROP project specialist is the co-chair of CTEoc Grant Readiness Initiative and has been working with Irvine Valley College and Orange County Department of Education to explore and form partnerships to seek grant funds and establish resource connections in Orange County.  To enhance her ability to successfully complete grant applications, she attended a two-day grant writing workshop in March.  Her attendance was funded by Saddleback College Tech Prep dollars.  Additionally, in June and next year, the project specialist will participate in the Leadership Development Institute and partake in leadership and collaborative skills training, enhancing her abilities to work with community colleges, school districts, businesses and other community partners. 

IV. Maintain effective and positive communication with all ROP stakeholders.


Increase communication with Federal and State legislators.

Status:  On July 7, Martin Paine, District Director to Senator Mimi Walters, visited a variety of Coastline ROP classes where he observed students in action.

On March 1 and 2, Carol Hume, director of instructional services, attended the CAROCP legislative forum and had appointments with the following legislators:  Assembly Members Jim Silva, Donald Wagner, Diane Harkey and Alan Mansoor, and Senators Tom Harman, Mimi Walters, and Lou Correa.

Federal, state and local legislators were invited to the community forum held in April.  Several legislative aids attended the event.  A representative from Jim Silva’s office attended the Distinguished Student Recognition Ceremony in May.


Create new marketing materials; increase use and distribution of Coastline ROP annual report, magazine, and press kit.

Status:  Using the course sequencing information gathered by the instructional staff and adding labor market information, new pathway flyers have been created.  The colorful handouts highlight Coastline ROP’s courses that are part of a sequence as well as providing post-secondary requirements for specific occupations and the hourly and annual salaries associated with each job.  In addition, flyers indicate what courses students should take at their high schools and at the ROP and what post-secondary options are available.  These flyers have been extremely popular.

The annual report is distributed to the Coastline ROP Board of Trustees, the steering committee members, and the principals of all partnering high schools.  In addition, access to the Coastline ROP’s annual report is available on our website.

Coastline ROP’s magazine, ACHIEVE, has been very well received by the community.  It was mailed to all principals and counselors in partnering high schools; it has been distributed to members of Chambers of Commerce; it is included in outreach efforts in the community such as internship site development and at advisory meetings.  Access to the magazine is available on our website.

The press kit has been distributed to reporters responsible for the educational articles in local newspapers.

A revised annual report was created and distributed to board members in April.  The new version is a colorful, informative, four-page brochure that will entice readers.


Heighten community awareness of Coastline ROP by showcasing student work in a community forum setting.

Status:  On April 7, Coastline ROP hosted its first community forum event, A Class Act.  Thousands of invitations were delivered to stakeholders that included legislators, boards of trustees, mayors, district and school administrators, business partners, advisors, counselors, teachers, and staff, Snyder Site neighbors, parents and students.  The event showcased students in action demonstrating a variety of skills.  Classes that were represented include:  Music Technology, Careers in Fashion, Careers with Children, Virtual Enterprise, Video and Film Production, Retail Sales and Merchandising, Fire Science, Emergency Medical Technician, Crime Scene Investigation, Medical Assistant Back Office, Dental Assistant Chairside, and Medical Nursing Careers.


Assume leadership roles in our state association, CAROCP.

Status:  Linda Kannow, director of student services, is currently serving as the co-chair of the Image and Marketing Committee for CAROCP.  Lynn Simmons, director of business services, is currently serving as the co-chair of the CAROCP Business Officials Committee.  Carol Hume, director of instructional services, and Darlene Le Fort both serve on the CAROCP curriculum and instruction committee.  Darlene Le Fort served as chairperson of the CAROCP Multiple Pathways committee.

Kate Dollbaum, administrative associate, served on the 2011 CAROCP Spring Inservice committee.  Kate secured the Beckman High School site for this professional development event which drew over two hundred CAROCP members from the southern region.  Three Coastline ROP staff members were presenters at the inservice.


Hold steering committee meetings.   

Status:  Three steering committee meetings were held this year: October 27, 2010, March 27, 2011, and June 30, 2011.


Improve website.

Status:  A website survey was launched soliciting information from all Coastline ROP employees regarding the effectiveness of the website.  Student success stories now appear as a regular feature on the home page of the website.  All Coastline ROP direct teachers have active websites where students can access pertinent information.  The schedule of classes has been expanded into a flip book version making it easy to peruse.  Coastline ROP’s magazine ACHIEVE is also featured as a flip book on the website. 

The locker feature on the Coastline ROP website has been improved to make it easier for Coastline ROP staff to access materials online.  This area of the website is password-protected and contains forms, monthly bulletins, instructional materials, career specialists’ best practices, etc.


Explore the feasibility of implementing a parent portal on Coastline ROP’s website.

Status:  Coastline ROP uses School Loop to host its website and AIM as its data system.  At NMUSD, parents are able to access student data because the district uses School Loop Plus.  Our current School Loop software is not compatible with the AIM system.  In order to provide a parent portal on the current website, an upgrade in the School Loop subscription allowing for the import of data is necessary.  Because of budget constraints, this upgrade has not been purchased.

V. Strengthen business and industry alliances.


Serve on the Workforce Investment Board and attend Orange County Business Council meetings.

Status:  The project specialist attends Orange County Business Council meetings monthly.  The meetings provide valuable information on the local economy and workforce development, opportunities to connect with business leaders and grant officers and information on regional trends.  The superintendent is a board member of the Workforce Investment Board.


 Increase number of business memberships in CAROCP.

Status:  Information about business memberships in CAROCP was made available at the Business Partner Appreciation luncheon and at advisory committee meetings.  However, the attendance at the luncheon was lower than expected and we are looking into other ways to entice business membership.  An updated letter to internship site supervisors and other potential members has been drafted.  Also, plans are underway to recognize business partners on our website. 


 Invite business members to speak and/or attend Distinguished Student Recognition Ceremony.

Status:  A survey of teachers shows that ROP teachers regularly invite business partners into their classrooms to speak to students.  Many students have the opportunity to take field trips and see professionals in action. 

Teri Rosales, Human Resources supervisor from the Newport Coast Marriott, spoke at the Distinguished Student Recognition Ceremony about the importance of student internships.


Communicate student success stories to business partners.

Status:  Student success stories are a regular feature on Coastline ROP’s website.  An article in the Annual Report entitled “Awards and Accolades” summarizes Coastline ROP’s many successes.  This report will be included in the internship site presentation folder given to potential business partners.

This year, business partners attended the community forum Event on April 7 and witnessed firsthand successful students performing skills learned in ROP classes.


Update materials used to develop internship sites and recruit mentors; design an instrument for business assessment of internship experience. 

Status:  New materials include an updated folder which features pictures of students in action, our Expectations for Students, and our mission statement.  The folder also includes the Power of Influence article which lists ways that businesses can support student success.   The business assessment of the student internship experience has been completed and will be utilized in the summer sessions.


Increase student connections to business.

Status:  Students in ROP classes have many opportunities to connect with business and industry through internships, field trips, and guest speakers.  The director of instructional services is a member of the CTEoc, a countywide group of CTE educators which includes high schools, community colleges, and ROPs.  She is the chair of a new committee whose task is to discover additional career exploration opportunities for students.

Advisory meetings are held annually for all ROP courses.  Advisors are asked to provide information about internship and scholarship opportunities for students.  Additionally, students have had the following opportunities:

  • Students in the construction program at Estancia High School have been working with mentors from the ACE Mentor Program.  Architects, construction managers, and engineers meet with the students every other week and have developed plans for a press box for the softball team.
  • Tom Williams and his Environmental and Energy Technology students are working with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to develop a California Native Plant Habitat Garden at the high school.  They also partnered with Starbucks who donates the coffee grounds for their compost pile.  
  • Students from our Careers in Fashion classes developed and presented marketing plans to the marketing department at Wet Seal.  Students were charged with developing a contest that included use of social media. 
  • Two students from our Automotive Internship class were mentored by the shop foreman from a Hyundai dealership in preparation for their participation in the Orange County Automotive Dealers Association Competition.  Both students were offered entry-level technician positions with Hyundai.
  • Students from Tustin High School Rapid Product Development class participated in UCI’s Engineering Design Review Day at UCI campus.  They had the opportunity to interact with UCI engineering seniors, review the senior design projects, and complete feedback forms.
  • Zoe Seal and her Entertainment Art students had an opportunity to visit Y&R/Wunderman Advertising Agency in Irvine.  They watched a creative reel of work and were privy to talks from the PR Specialist, Interactive Art Director, Art Producer, Print Production, and the Director of Creative Services.
  • Janet Duke’s ProStart Culinary Arts and Management teams placed first in the nation.  These winning teams and their teacher were invited to attend the National Restaurant Association and National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s (NRAEF) “Salute to Excellence” event in Chicago.  Students were recognized by the NRAEF and executives from prestigious companies such as Coca-Cola, American Express, Proctor & Gamble, Nestle Professional and Sysco.   Students also had the opportunity to work with industry professionals at the conference.

Create and implement a business partner recognition event.

Status:  On April 7, 2011, Coastline ROP hosted their first business partner appreciation luncheon.  The luncheon was held on the same day as the community event so business partners could watch students in action after the luncheon.

VI. Implement a professional growth program to improve and enrich practices for all staff.


Obtain grant funding to provide professional growth opportunities for staff.

Status:  Grant funding has provided several professional development opportunities for staff and educational opportunities for students.  Through funding from an OC Stem grant, several members from instructional services were able to attend a presentation by Dr. Willard Daggett on Integrating Academics with CTE and the New Common Core Standards.

Classified and certificated staff members were invited to attend a workshop funded by Irvine Valley College.  The workshop was entitled, Mobile Apps for Educators, and attendees received a stipend. 

Additionally, career specialists and teachers had the opportunity to attend a workshop in March on 21st Century Career Planning Skills funded by Orange Coast College. 

Pre-engineering teachers from Tustin, Trabuco Hills, and Huntington Beach High Schools attended the UCI School of Engineering’s “Senior Projects Winter Design Review.”  Irvine Valley College Tech Prep funded the substitute expenses.

Coastline ROP teachers had opportunities to be Mentor Teachers through the Saddleback College Teacher Preparation Pipeline Grant.  Participating teachers were paid a $400 stipend.

Select ROP teachers participated in teacher externships provided through CCCD and SOCCD.

Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College Tech Prep funds made it possible for teachers and staff to participate in the following:

  • California ROC/P Conferences
  • OCDE – The State of Education
  • UC Curriculum Institute to integrate academics into Video/Film and Marketing courses
  • Broadcaster’s Convention
  • OC Virtual Enterprise Coordinating Meeting
  • OC Virtual Enterprise Student Training
  • Digital Media Arts Career Exploration Day
  • 15th Annual Healthcare Educator Conference
  • EdSource Conference
  • Creative Edge Workshop with Sir Ken Robinson
  • Advisory Committee Meetings organized by Vital Link
  • Engaging Classroom Assessments:  The Making Standards Work Training by OCDE
  • Articulation  meetings with community college faculty

Expand New Teacher Orientation to meet revised credential requirements and better prepare teachers for the classroom.

Status:  New teachers are now required to complete a new teacher orientation within their first 30 days in the classroom.  To meet the requirement, we are utilizing the online training modules from the CTE Teach program.  In addition, our teacher on special assignment serves as a mentor to new teachers.  Along with the instructional coordinators, she conducts Coastline ROP’s new teacher orientation and works closely with all new teachers to help them develop curriculum, grading policies, classroom management plans, etc.  She conducts informal observations and coaches teachers prior to their formal observation conducted by the instructional coordinators.


Provide additional emergency preparedness training to all staff.

Status:  In October 2010, nine staff members from the Snyder Site attended the Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment training and Basic Search and Rescue training, both sponsored by the American Red Cross of Orange County.


Offer technology training including Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.

Status:  All district staff member computers have been upgraded to Windows 7 and MS Office 2010.  To provide professional development opportunities and help staff members utilize these new tools effectively, there have been four training sessions thus far.  We will have a training session on the last Friday of every month through the end of June, 2011.


Provide opportunities for teachers to meet in professional learning communities.

Status:  Countywide professional learning communities have been established for the following pathways:  Culinary Arts, Digital Media Arts, Education, Fashion Design, Engineering and Design, Business, and Construction.  Our project specialist is the co-facilitator for the Digital Media Arts PLC and many of our teachers regularly participate in the meetings and activities.  One of our coordinators has agreed to be the administrative lead for the countywide professional learning community for construction teachers.

Two of our instructional coordinators have provided opportunities for subject-alike teachers to attend events in their respective fields.  The music technology teachers attended a session on The Art and Science of Sound Recording at the Grammy Museum.  Nine Visual Imagery teachers attended the annual Creative Edge lecture at the Segerstrom Concert Hall in March.  The event is sponsored by Arts OC and the Orange County Department of Education. 


Provide professional development training to substitute teachers.

Status:  Our teacher on special assignment has updated the existing Substitute Teacher handbook.  Substitute teachers will attend a training session on June 17 where they will review the handbook and Coastline ROP policies and procedures. 

VII. Improve strategies that utilize technology to increase the effectiveness of the organization.


Update operating system and Microsoft Office software at the district office.

Status:  As of February 2011, all district office staff member computers have been upgraded to Windows 7 and MS Office 2010.


Research and implement new and innovative educational technology tools and strategies.

Status:  The ROP is in the process of developing podcasting for teachers.  Our technology specialist is working with specific teachers to create podcasts designed to supplement the curriculum and potentially act as an alternative form of instruction for absent students.  One teacher recently published his first podcast.  As the process is refined more teachers will be encouraged to utilize podcasting as a supplement in their curriculum

Recent technological enhancements have been made to our dental classes.  Patterson’s Digital Imaging is a digital dental x-ray program that has been installed in the classroom.  Additionally, Dentrix, a comprehensive dental practice management software package, has been installed in one of our on-site computer labs.  Together they allow instructors to provide marketable, cutting-edge dental skills for Dental Front Office, Dental Chairside, and Dental Radiology students.

Under the educational technology umbrella, ROP has formed an Emergent Technology Committee (ETC).  The ETC has been given the task of researching new technologies, identifying which ones would benefit any aspect of the organization and then implementing those technologies.  Their first undertaking has been to create a Facebook page for Coastline ROP.  This project is still evolving, but the purpose of the Facebook page is to give us a presence in the social networking arena, validate our programs, and spread the word that ROP is essential, necessary, and effective.

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular among adults and high school students alike.  Coastline ROP is working with the Orange County Department of Education to develop hybrid courses that will utilize online coursework yet still provide hands-on classroom time. 


Update and expand the ROP technology plan.

Status:  The Coastline ROP technology plan has been updated.  Due to budget cuts, the life expectancy of all computers, printers and technology equipment has been re-evaluated and in many cases extended up to two years.  Hardware and software inventories were updated and network documentation was brought current.  New documentation was added outlining short-term and long-term goals and charting strategies to reach those goals.  Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) for employees and students need to be updated to encompass use of personal communication devices, social networking sites, and other emerging technologies.  During the summer, Coastline ROP staff will be working with CSBA to update board policies. 


Improve teacher web pages to better communicate with stakeholders.

Status:  All teachers have a web page and our teacher on special assignment is continuing to work with teachers on enhancing their web pages by including a course syllabus, a biography of the teacher, and information about events in the class.  


Explore online or distance learning opportunities for students.

Status:  We met with two members of the educational technology department from Orange County Department of Education to discuss the development of two hybrid online courses for next year.  The plan is to offer Microsoft Tools and Emergency Medical Responder.  Teachers will be trained this summer and the classes will be piloted in the fall. 

VIII. Utilize human resource services to update policies and procedures.


Begin updating board policy manual.

Status: Coastline ROP will contract with CSBA to develop a district policy manual that complies with state and federal law and meets the needs of our organization.  The board policy workshop is set for July 12 and 13.


Revise compensation plan.

Status:  We have started revising the compensation plan.  Old job titles have been removed and new titles added.  The board approved an increase in compensation to substitute teachers.  A teacher salary survey of other area ROPs was conducted by our new human resources administrator (see below).  Our current teacher salary schedule is in line with other ROPs.  Although we would like to improve our position on this schedule, the timing is not right; and we will continue with the same schedule until our financial situation changes. 

ROP Name Min Rate ROP Prep Time % Total Compensation
(Prep Included)

East San Gabriel
Central - Santa Ana
Central - Garden Grove
Central - Orange
North Orange
Baldy View
La Puente




Capo Laguna ROP
East San Gabriel ROP
Prep time discontinued due to budget cuts
Prep time discontinued due to budget cuts

Develop a plan for replacing retiring leadership team members.

Status:  We developed a plan for recruitment, selection, and training of a new human resources administrator.  Our new administrator, Siteria Edwards, is an outstanding addition to our staff.  We are currently working on a plan to replace our director of student services, Linda Kannow.  The plan will involve a reorganization of sorts and will be completed this summer.  Linda will retire August 31.

IX. Meet the facility needs of ROP programs and services.


Enlarge the boardroom to better accommodate board meetings and staff development.

Status:  We are currently in the process of converting the boardroom into a boardroom/multi-purpose room which will include the purchase of technology equipment and furniture conducive to professional development activities and meetings. 


Relocate human resource administrator to administration office, building A.

Status:  Siteria Edwards, our new human resources administrator, has been relocated to building A.


Create new reception area in student services area, building F.

Status:  The receptionist has been relocated to room F12 in the Student Services Department to better accommodate Coastline ROP visitors.  A new receptionist was also hired as a member of the Student Services Department and is assisting with serving adult students.


Furnish new and existing areas.

Status: Room F12 has been furnished to accommodate the new reception area and the office of our new human resources administrator has been furnished.The break room in building A has been remodeled.  In an effort to save money, the remodel was done by a staff member and includes new cabinetry and partitions.

Since the beginning of the year we have purchased furniture for instructional services, student services, human resources, and the superintendent. 


Seek a longer lease with Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

Status:  Paul Reed has offered Coastline ROP a five-year lease.



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