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Our 2015-16 Priorities


Coastline ROP aspires to be recognized by its partner districts as the premier provider of innovative career technical education promoting student engagement, student achievement, and college and career readiness. The strategic priorities below will help us achieve this goal.

1. Implement the reorganization plan to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

• The reorganization plan has been fully implemented. Due to a number of retirements and openings created as a result of promoting from within the organization, there are a total of 12 new staff members or staff members in new positions at the Snyder Site. The result is a strong team balanced with seasoned veterans and new leaders who bring a wealth of secondary and post-secondary experience to the table.

2. Expand work-based learning opportunities for all students.

• Coastline ROP is one of three partners in the Career Pathways Trust Grant consortium selected to pilot a virtual job shadow program. is an online career planning and career exploration resource that provides tools and resources students can use to chart their career path. Coastline ROP received a 30-seat pilot license. Manufacturing Engineering Technology students participated in this five-week pilot that from February 29th through March 31st.

• In the fall of 2015, Coastline ROP’s grant submission to the Community College Chancellor’s Office for a pre-apprenticeship grant was approved in the amount of $485,000. The grant will provide funds to develop work-based learning experiences for students in automotive and construction pre-apprenticeship programs.

3. Strengthen communication and increase outreach to all stakeholders including district partners, the business community and legislators.
    • The superintendent is a member of the Executive Committee for the Career Pathways Trust Grant Consortium and a member of two Adult Education Block Grant Executive Committees. Additionally, she attends Orange County Department of Education superintendent’s luncheons, participates in CAROCP’s Southern Region Forum monthly meetings and attends OCSBA/ACSA events.
• The director of curriculum, instruction and accountability is an active member of the CTEoc Leadership Committee.
• The education and partnership development specialist collaborates with educational partners on regional projects, participates on committees, and functions as the liaison to community colleges. The following are committees and workgroups she participates in on a regular basis:
. CTEoc Leadership Committee
. OC Pathways Committee
. SB1070 Work Group
. Orange County Business Council – Workforce Development Committee
. Irvine Chamber of Commerce – Workforce and Education Development Committee
. CTE Transitions Advisory Committees – Orange Coast Community College and Saddleback Valley Community College
. Articulation liaison to community colleges
• Coastline ROP’s 2015 Distinguished Student accompanied the superintendent to Sacramento to participate in CAROCP’s legislative visits on February 29 and March 1. The superintendent and the student met with eight legislators or their aides.
• Coastline ROP collaborated with the five district partners and applied for the CTE Incentive Grant. The award amount is $985,000. An instructional program coordinator has spent the last year developing relationships with the State Chancellor’s Office, CTE deans at community colleges and key individuals within the construction and automotive fields, in preparation for the pre-apprenticeship grant.
• Career specialists represented Coastline ROP at the following events:
. Santiago Canyon College Foster Youth Career Fair
. Families Forward Community Resource Fair
. NMUSD College/Career Night and the Festival of Learning
. Middle school presentations, parent nights, high school presentations and events.
• A board member, an instructional program coordinator, two instructors and the vice-president of Haas Automation presented at the CSBA Annual Education Conference in December.
• A coordinator delivered a presentation about the recently awarded pre-apprenticeship grant at the Automotive Service Council Orange County Chapter meeting.
• Coastline ROP has developed a partnership with Cambro Manufacturing. By providing opportunities at school sites for their catalog and commercial shoots, Coastline ROP culinary programs have been receiving substantial equipment donations for their programs.
• Coastline ROP, Mission Viejo Auto Collision and Saddleback Valley Unified School District hosted over 120 students for an industry awareness day, “Investing in Your Future.” The purpose of the event was to expose students to all aspects of the automotive industry. Topics ranged from auto insurance, sales, manufacturing and mechanics, to paint and adhesives.
• On December 2, Coastline ROP showcased student work from our Engineering Innovations and Programming and Robotics courses at the OC Pathways Showcase at the Great Park in Irvine. Instructor Rich Mayfield was present to answer questions and a programming student from Laguna Hills High School demonstrated his skills with the VEX robot.
• On April 29, approximately 30 students from Marina and Woodbridge High Schools attended Girls Power Tech Day: A Cisco Global Mentoring Initiative at Cisco’s Irvine campus. This event was created to inspire young women to pursue educational career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) through learning events with Cisco mentors, and exposure to Cisco technology and the Internet of Everything.
• A newly refined and revised Labor Market Study was completed to provide current and relevant Orange County data for students.
• Board members and district staff members participated in a tour of the Southwest Carpenters Training Center.
• Instructional Services is beginning to create dual enrollment courses with local community colleges so that our students can earn college credit immediately upon completion of courses taught by ROP instructors.

4. Improve ROP instructional programs to assist students in acquiring college and career-readiness skills.
  A. Improve the tools and methods used in identifying, collecting, analyzing, disaggregating and using relevant measurable objective student outcome data.
• Coastline is piloting the CTEDDI program this year and will be reviewing the assessment data from two teachers.
• Teachers analyzed their individual SES data to inform their instructional and assessment practices. This analysis was reviewed during evaluation meetings with the coordinator.
• Instructional Services met with a Precision Exams representative to explore use of their assessments to measure student mastery of industry specific competencies and analyze outcomes to inform instructional and assessment practices.
  B. Update and align all course outlines, descriptions, and syllabi to the current CTE standards and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).
• The ROP has contracted with Lynne Porter, a retired ROP administrator, to assist with standards alignment, and the development of pacing guides, key assignments and common assessments.
• Three teams of teachers met with Lynne Porter to create pacing guides and begin work on common assessments. The pacing guides and the first common assessments will be completed by the end of September.
  C. Develop global assignments and assessments to teach and measure student achievement of SLOs including:
o Ethics and responsible citizenship
o Educational goal setting and career planning
• Lessons are complete and will be presented to teachers at the end of year staff meeting, with full implementation in the fall of 2016.
  D. Develop uniform key assignments of core competencies for each course.
• This will be a product of 4B above.
  E. Develop tools to assess student achievement of the SLOs in all classes and incorporate achievement data in program and classroom-level decision making.
• This will be a product of 4B above.
  F. Identify and implement professional development activities for teachers to enhance capacity and implementation of:
o Differentiated curriculum and instruction strategies to improve student achievement in special populations
• The director of curriculum, instruction and accountability attended a workshop in April, “Serving Every Student in Every Program.”
  G. Update existing data and include new data sets relevant to partner districts’ LCAPs in SCSCR, and incorporate findings and implications from report in the annual organizational strategic planning process.
• The director of curriculum, instruction and accountability will be meeting with each district steering committee member following the approval of their LCAPs to identify the data needs in order to support our mutual success.
  H. Strengthen connections with business and industry to develop additional work-based learning opportunities for students.
• Over 15 businesses and community college partners signed letters of intent to support our Pre-Apprenticeship Grant.
• The ROP has added 42 new affiliation agreements with local businesses to provide internship opportunities for students.
• The superintendent is working with the career pathways administrator at OCDE to expand internship opportunities for students countywide.
• A coordinator worked closely with Hoag Hospital to renew the affiliation agreement for another five years. This partnership benefits the Medical Nursing Careers Internship program offered on the ROP campus.
  I. Submit at least one additional class for UC approval and fulfill program status requirements.
• Engineering Design, CTE Medical Pathways and Computer Science Principles meet the UC a-g admission requirements.
  J. Pursue at least two additional industry certifications.
• The coordinator and Manufacturing Engineering Technology teacher are purchasing equipment and software for the program and making industry contacts in preparation to set up the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) and Verisurf (advanced measuring technology) certifications for students.

Revise internship orientation package.
• The teacher on special assignment is finalizing the package.

  L. Pursue alternative funding sources.
• The State Board of Education approved Coastline ROP’s proposal for $985,000 as part of the CTE Incentive Grant. Additionally, the ROP was awarded $485,000 from the California Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI) Pre-Apprenticeship Grant Program.
• The coordinator and dental instructor worked closely with Cypress College to receive a donation of four dental chairs and units and eight stools. This equipment, when new, was worth over $20,000.

5. Provide a safe and supportive learning environment for students.
  A. Solicit participation of stakeholders including: parents, business partners, and education partners to serve as guest speakers and mentors for career exploration events.
• Career specialists have hosted “Meet the Professional” career presentations and fairs at each comprehensive school site. Parents, school administrators, staff, and students received notification of the events in multiple ways including: newsletters, emails, fliers, posters, morning announcements, and invitations. ROP teachers, parents, and business partners were solicited for participation as speakers and resources for students.
  B. Develop a standardized course interest survey for school sites.
• The career specialists worked in district groups to develop a standardized course interest survey for the schools within their districts. Each district group has submitted the survey to the Student Services department for review.
  C. Promote National CTE Month in February to all stakeholders.
• Student Services and the career specialists highlighted CTE month in various ways including: posters, verbiage on CTE facts and options for distribution in morning announcements, newsletters and parent emails. Site administrators received a CTE Month notepad, and most “Meet the Professional” events were held in CTE month.


Create a video for the annual Distinguished Student Recognition Ceremony.
• The Music Media and Entertainment Technology team at Huntington Beach High School worked with ROP staff to create a new video. The video was shared at the 2016 Distinguished Student Ceremony.

6. Ensure that ROP business operations are conducted in a fiscally sound and transparent manner.
  A. Enhance communication to increase staff awareness of budgeting and resource allocation processes.
• The Chief Business Official (CBO) delivered a budget presentation at the opening staff meeting on August 25, 2015, summarizing revenue and expenditures for 2014-15 and the budget for 2015-16. The presentation, summarizing the year just ended and the budget for the new year, will be presented at all future opening staff meetings.
• A budget summary for 2015-16, based on our estimated actuals report, and for the 2016-17 proposed budget will be included in the “updates” distributed at the end-of-year staff meeting.
• Presentations are posted in the staff locker on the ROP website.
  B. Review and clarify current purchasing process and procedures.
• ROP staff reviewed and distributed updated purchasing instructions at the opening staff meeting, August 2015.
• The updated purchasing instructions and procedures were posted in the staff locker on the ROP website, August 2015.
• The purchasing specialist and CBO met with coordinators to discuss purchasing based on instructional needs.
  C. Review and clarify administrative regulations (ARs) for travel.
• The CBO created guidelines based on government per diem rates for travel in November 2015. A summary table of per diem rates for meals was distributed to ROP managers and coordinators.
• AR 3350 has been updated with revised language pertaining to reimbursable travel expenses and a per diem schedule. The revised AR will be distributed to applicable personnel at the start of the 2016-17 school year.

7. Improve strategies that utilize technology to increase the efficiency and efficacy of the organization.
  A. Develop a new, comprehensive three-year technology plan.
• The Technology Plan has been reformatted to include all technology components by district. Expenditures, purchase dates and recommended replacement dates are now easily identifiable by district.
• Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) for students and Coastline ROP employees have also been added to the Technology Plan. The AUPs are based on updated board policies.
  B. Incorporate technology plan data and information in organizational strategic planning, including resource allocation and budgeting.
• The technology plan will be a standing agenda item for strategic planning sessions.
• A Technology Log has been created as a budgeting tool for technology and strategic planning. This log is based on the Technology Plan and has added columns for the budget year and funding source.
  C. Implement a hybrid Student Information System using Aeries and AIM. Provide training for teachers and staff members on new system.
• A hybrid system has been implemented.
• Teachers and staff members that need to use AIM have all received the necessary training.
  D. Continue improvements and upgrades to the Snyder Site infrastructure and its functionality.
• New servers were purchased and are being housed at OCDE.
• All data has been migrated successfully to the new servers, including the student database.
• Bandwidth between the Snyder Site and OCDE has been increased to support data transfer speeds.
• Wireless infrastructure has been upgraded and reconfigured at the Snyder Site.

8. Refine human resources processes and procedures.
  A. Develop 2015-16 total compensation letters for all staff members.
• The total compensation letter template has been finalized and will be implemented in February 2017.
  B. Research Leadership Development Program.
• Information has been gathered and staff will begin to draft Coastline ROP’s Leadership Development Program for certificated staff.
  C. Research consulting firm to conduct a compensation and classification study.
• The leadership team and the administrator of Human Resources are scheduled to meet with Bill Ewing, President of Ewing Consulting on June 14, 2016 to discuss our organizational needs and to learn more about the services they provide. Ewing Consulting provides full scale classification and salary studies for all employee and management groups in addition to studying the classification impacts of reorganization.

9. Increase visibility and community awareness using electronic methods.
  A. Implement a structured social media plan and monitor results.
• The media resource specialist schedules Twitter and Facebook posts in advance using the HootSuite social media management site, using links, hashtags and mentions to boost visibility and reach. Every day in the month of February there was a scheduled post to highlight CTE Month. A SlideShare account has been established to archive presentations. ROP videos have been migrated from TeacherTube to YouTube and the media resource specialist regularly shares content to other social media sites.
  B. Develop new media and collateral marketing materials to increase community awareness and brand value.
• The Student Services department developed an infographic to use in place of our current fact sheet.


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