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Our 2016-17 Priorities


Coastline ROP aspires to be recognized by its partner districts as the premier provider of innovative career technical education promoting student engagement, student achievement, and college and career readiness. The strategic priorities below will help us achieve this goal.

1. Increase outreach, communication and collaboration with all stakeholders to convey the value of CTE and ROP.


• Provide district-specific talking points and summaries of recent ROP accomplishments.
The superintendent and her administrative associate developed a quarterly newsletter highlighting students, programs and business partners.
To celebrate CTE month, the manager of student services emailed quotes from former Distinguished Student honorees about their ROP experience to school site administrators.
The superintendent and a career specialist, with the help of video teachers and students, created a video that was shown at our Distinguished Student Recognition Event and will be used by career specialists to market the program.

• Foster relationships with legislators and their aides.
The superintendent met with Senator Moorlach and Assemblymember Harper and aides for Assemblymembers Choi, and Allen and Senators Nguyen, Anderson, and Bates on March 13 and 14. The legislators have been added to the newsletter email list.
The ROP, in collaboration with 14 other JPA ROPs, hired Schools Services of California to lobby on behalf of career technical education and specifically JPA ROPs. Through their support of AB445, there was an increased awareness of the long-term funding challenges facing ROPs.

• Arrange for board members to visit classrooms/internship sites.
• Develop targeted messaging to students in the 8th through 12th grades.

Student Services participated in district college and career events in Newport-Mesa, Tustin and Irvine Unified School Districts. In addition, staff members have supported 8th grade parent nights, conducted high school classroom presentations, and hosted a booth at the Chinese Cultural Association Community Fair and the Families Forward Community Resource Fair.

• Communicate benefits of ROP to parents.
Career Specialists presented at high school and middle school parent nights and District English Language Acquisition Committee meetings. They additionally sent information targeted to parents in newsletters and emails.

• Solicit testimonials from business partners.
Instructional Services created an internship evaluation on Google docs to make it easier for business partners to share their feedback on our program.

• Develop a list of agencies to disseminate information about our organization and student achievements and create a plan for distribution.
The administrative associate to the superintendent created mailing list using Constant Contact which includes an extensive list of stakeholders. The first newsletter was sent in March.

• Increase social media presence and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Coastline ROP created a social media advisory group to address the collection of content, regular postings, and best practices. The Student Success Showcase was launched in May. Stakeholders may submit a testimonial, student success story or information about an event through our website. Submissions are pushed out to appropriate social media sites. Information about the importance of telling our story was shared with staff at the end-of-year staff meeting.
The ROP is working with California State University, Fullerton to arrange for an intern to assist us with managing our social media presence.

• Implement a structured social media plan and monitor results by:
•Establishing a social media management tool (i.e. HootSuite) to allow for multiple postings to Facebook and Twitter, and to view analytics
•Establish a SlideShare account to archive presentations
•Conduct staff training on content calendar, daily postings and best practices for new media tools
•Explore capabilities and expanded utilization of YouTube for public relations, marketing and instructional use (WASC Action Plan).

The media specialist scheduled Twitter and Facebook posts in advance using the Hootsuite social media management site, using links, hashtags, and mentions to boost visibility and reach. To celebrate CTE Month, a post was scheduled daily in the month of February. A SlideShare account was established.

2. Expand work-based learning opportunities for students.


• Pilot Professional Internship class in collaboration with Orange County Department of Education (OCDE).
An Engineering/Manufacturing Internship class will be offered in the summer of 2017.

• Assist OCDE in broadening internship opportunities countywide.
The superintendent worked closely with the executive director of OC Pathways at OCDE and the California Department of Education to develop a county seal of approval to ensure that intermediaries wishing to offer internships comply with Education Code and the California Code of Regulations. This is to ensure student safety and a high-quality experience for the student and the business partner.

• Strengthen connections with business and industry to develop additional work-based learning opportunities for students (WASC Action Plan).
Instructional Services and Student Services implemented a Job Posting board on our website.
The medical coordinator and CNA program director met with Hoag Hospital to discuss additional internship and employment opportunities in order to create a sustainable pipeline of CNAs between the ROP and Hoag.
The Medical Nursing Careers instructor and the medical coordinator secured Fountain Valley Hospital as an internship site, which led to the additional section of our most impacted class, Medical Nursing Careers Internship.
The Sports Medicine Internship class was piloted in the summer of 2016.
There have been numerous field trips including visits to:
Edwards Lifesciences, Disney Imagination, and Disney History Day.
A number of our Virtual Enterprise classes competed in statewide competitions. The Fountain Valley class traveled to New York for a national competition.
Estancia’s Cal-HOSA chapter sent 39 students to the state competition in Sacramento.
Newport Harbor’s FCCLA chapter won several recognitions in the state competition in Riverside.
Arts, Media and Entertainment classes competed in a variety of competitions.
Engineering classes competed in the UCI Energy Invitational.

3. Expand the collection and analysis of data to support the needs of Coastline ROP and its partnering districts.

    • Improve the tools and methods used in identifying, collecting, analyzing, disaggregating and using relevant measurable objective student outcome data (WASC Action Plan).
Instructional Services implemented global lessons this year in the areas of safety, ethics, and goal setting. Students used a common assessment. Data was collected from all classes and showed an 87-92% success rate on the assessments. Data from CNA and EMT certifications are also used to measure the success of our programs.
Common assessments are being developed as part of our course revision and pacing guide project in order to calibrate instruction. Work has been completed in the following courses:
Multimedia Communications Design, Art of Animation, Film & Digital Media Studies, Visual Imagery, and Sports Medicine. Adobe certifications are being used in Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Instructional Services is investigating the use of Adobe certification in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District.

• Update existing data and include new data sets relevant to partner districts’ LCAPs in SCSCR, and incorporate findings and implications from report in the annual organizational strategic planning process (WASC Action Plan).
The director of curriculum, instruction and accountability created the Steering Committee Roundtable which meets prior to each board meeting. This time is used to discuss common challenges and opportunities to support the districts’ LCAPs.

• Develop tools to assess student achievement of the SLOs in all classes and incorporate achievement data in program and classroom level decision-making (WASC Action Plan).
Instructional Services implemented global lessons this year in the areas of safety, ethics, and goal setting (topics embedded in our SLOs). Students used a common assessment. Data was collected from all classes and showed an 87-92% success rate on the assessments.

• Participate in CTE Data Dashboard Pilot program with Harris School Solutions.
Coastline ROP, along with 10 other ROPs, participated in this pilot program. The initial pilot collected information on: CTE course enrollments, pathway completers, participating employers, and a comparison between California annual job openings and CTE enrollments. This information was shared with legislators and was used when meeting with the California Department of Education to discuss the College and Career Readiness Indicator on the new statewide Data Dashboard.

4. Strengthen instructional offerings and support student achievement of college and career readiness indicators.


• Obtain UC/CSU approval for courses in two additional industry sectors.
Course outlines for Culinary Arts Advanced and Automotive Technology, levels 1 and 2 have been UC/CSU approved.

• Add two additional industry certifications.
Adobe certification is in place for students in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District via funding the district received from OCDE. Snap-On Tool certification is now being offered through the pre-apprenticeship grant for students in the automotive program at Laguna Hills High School.
Students in the summer Engineering and Manufacturing Internship class will have an opportunity to earn the Cal-OSHA certification, as recommended by industry advisors.

• Work with high school sites to further develop pathways on each campus.
The education and partnership specialist revised the course sequencing matrix for all five districts. This document is used at interagency meetings with school administrators to determine pathways.
Using CTE Incentive Grant funds and funding from Irvine Unified School District’s LCAP, Coastline ROP hired teachers to support Project Lead the Way pathways and add additional classes at Creekside High School. Newport-Mesa Unified School District passed through additional funds for the ROP to hire a teacher to support their Project Lead the Way pathway at Estancia High School.
Additionally, a Medical Core class was added to Silverado High School’s medical pathway.
The director of curriculum, instruction and accountability met with Irvine Unified School District to determine pathway and construction planning for Creekside Education Center.

• Clarify and communicate the articulation process for students.
Instructional services developed a link on the website outlining all articulation agreements and the application process for each college site. A standard statement was developed for teachers to use in their syllabi regarding articulation, as appropriate.

• Offer at least two dual enrollment classes.
Coastline ROP is working with Irvine Valley College to create dual enrollment opportunities for Theater Technology.
Additionally, potential courses have been identified in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District for possible dual enrollment with Saddleback College.

• Fulfill requirements of Career Pathways Trust Grant, Pre- Apprenticeship Grant and CTE Incentive Grant.
Instructional program coordinators, Lisa Snowden, continues to implement the Careers Pathway Trust Grant according to grant requirements through her participation in the Steering Committee meetings and data reporting. Project director for the pre-apprenticeship grant, Stacy Robison, continues to enhance the programs at Estancia High School and Laguna Hills High School. Collaboration continues with the five partnering districts to determine expenditures for the CTE Incentive Grant.

• Host industry awareness days and include middle school students when appropriate.
Student Services and Instructional Services supported district outreach through participation in college and career fairs.
Career Specialists attended middle school information events.
Career Specialists hosted industry specific “meet the professional” events in their career centers. A summer outreach program in automotive is being offered to incoming 9th graders through the pre-apprenticeship grant.

• Develop uniform key assignments and assessments of core competencies for each course (WASC Action Plan).
Instructional Services is in process of revising course outlines, creating pacing guides and creating common summative assessments.

5. Promote an organizational culture that supports health, safety and life-long learning.


• Enhance Coastline Cares by developing a health and wellness program for staff.
In January, the Commit to Be Fit program was launched. The human resources administrator is sending health and wellness related articles to staff on a monthly basis. At the Snyder Site, each month is dedicated to a different aspect of health and wellness. A small group of Snyder Siters also walk during their lunch hour.

• Implement CrisisGo at Snyder Site.
The CBO assumed responsibility for the implementation of the program. Emergency procedures have been uploaded to the app, the app has been downloaded on desktops and devices and the staff has been trained.

• Conduct classification and compensation study.
Ewing and Associates completed the classification and compensation study. The leadership team is in process of analyzing the data and will provide the board an update once completed.

• Issue compensation letters to benefit eligible employees.
The compensation letters, outlining an employee’s complete benefit package, were mailed to benefit eligible employees in February.

• Promote Random Acts of Kindness program.
The Random Act of Kindness program was included in all staff meetings. Coastgrams were developed for teachers to send to students recognizing their classroom achievements and Kindness Cards are available for staff members to use to show appreciation for each other. Snyder Siters adopted a family for the holidays through the Child Abuse Prevention Center.

• Provide opportunities for professional development for classified personnel.
Opportunities for Business and IT staff included: Accounts payable specialist/purchasing specialist, Laura Lopez, attended the CASBO Purchasing 101 & 201 workshop; manager of technology services, Jeanne Bennett, attended the CEPTA 56th Annual Conference, the E-rate Program Applicant Training, and a Franklin Covey Conference. Student information specialist, Cindi Fullerton, has had in-depth training on Aeries and AIM export and import processes; and accounting/budget specialist, Linda Doone, and accounting/payroll specialist, Debbie Ludwig, attended the CASBO SACS Basic Concepts workshop.
A subscription was purchased for our Snyder Site administrative assistants as well as our media specialist. This is an online learning platform to assist with business, software, technology and creative skills.
Most career specialists attended the Doing What Matters Conference and several attended a UC Counselors’ Conference.

• Identify and implement professional development activities for teachers to enhance capacity and implementation of:
Emerging instructional technologies
Student demographic and achievement data
Differentiated curriculum and instruction strategies to improve student achievement in special populations (WASC Action Plan).

Teachers analyze their Student Exit Survey results annually to determine areas for growth in their teaching practice. The instructional support specialist created a survey for teachers to express their professional development needs.

• Create leadership development program.
The leadership team has researched a variety of options and is in the process of identifying appropriate field work activities based the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders.



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