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Our 2019-20 Priorities


Coastline ROP aspires to be recognized by its partner districts as the premier provider of innovative career technical education promoting student engagement, student achievement, and college and career readiness. The strategic priorities below will help us achieve this goal.


Complete (C), Carry-Over (CO), Ongoing (O)

1. Increase outreach, communication, and collaboration with stakeholders to convey the value of CTE and ROP.


o Arrange for student/teacher presentations at district board meetings. (CO)
o Invite board members to tour classrooms and internship sites. (CO)

Two NMUSD Board Members toured four ROP/CTE programs at Estancia High School on April 17, 2019.

o Develop an infographic of specific district data indicating how the ROP supports the LCAP and the College and Career Indicator. (C)
The education and partnership development specialist created an infographic.

o Expand outreach to parents by presenting at PTA meetings, ELAC meetings, parent orientation for incoming freshmen or Parent University (WASC). Increase presence at school events such as back-to-school night. (O)
The education and partnership development specialist presented to the Irvine Unified School District PTA Presidents on October 17, 2018. The director of educational services presented to the Newport-Mesa Unified School District PTA Presidents on January 7, 2019. Educational Services has prepared a template for all career specialists to use for PTA presentations. Depending upon each district’s needs, career specialists have presented at school PTA meetings, ELAC meetings, parent orientations and back-to-school nights.
Administrators, teachers and career specialists have supported college and career events in all five districts.

o Produce videos either in conjuction with CAROCP or in house for various stakeholder groups (parents, business and industry, legislators). (O)
A marketing video was produced by our state association, California Association of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (CAROCP). The video produced for our Distinguished Student Recognition Event will be sent to legislators and is available for all staff members to use for promotional purposes.
A construction mentorship video was created to highlight the construction pathway at Estancia and recruit new industry members to the group. This video was distributed to current advisory members in hopes of growing our partnership and expanding additional opportunities for students enrolled in this pathway.
A Business Partner Engagement video is currently being developed. It will include footage of students at internship sites, internship site mentor testimonials and information on the various ways to partner with the ROP. Estimated completion is July 1, 2019.

o Develop a presentation for school counselors. (CO)
A template is being prepared for use in all districts.

o Invite legislators to tour classrooms and internship sites. (CO)

o Create infographic for legislators showing which businesses partner with the ROP from their respective districts. (C)
The infographics were developed and distributed during appointments with legislators.

o Strengthen connections with business and industry to develop additional work-based learning opportunities for students. (O)

The director of educational services serves on the Workforce Development Task Force for the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce. At the request of the task force, the ROP conducted a student survey with over 600 responses to determine how high school students make career choices and the viability of living in Orange County. The director also served on the California Department of Education Statewide Advisory for the Information Communication Technology sector. Several large companies also served as advisors including Microsoft and Oracle.
Forty-five new internship sites have been added this year including Hoag Hospital Irvine, Hoag Orthopedic Institute, dental offices, and automotive repair facilities.
The ROP supports the Construction Mentorship Program at Estancia High School by participating in monthly construction industry meetings to recruit new mentors and expand work-based learning opportunities for students in this field. This program is part of the pre-apprenticeship grant.
Administrators from Estancia High School and an ROP administrator presented information to the Safety Council, comprised of members working in the construction industry, at Shea Homes in Irvine, CA.
The education and partnership development specialist presented to Kiwanis Clubs in Irvine and Costa Mesa.
The ROP participated in the OC Pathways Showcase and represented four of the fifteen industry sectors at the event.

o Increase recognition of business partners on social media and at events. Explore the use of signage at school sites and businesses. (O)
At the OC Pathways Showcase, two of Coastline ROP’s long-standing business partners were recognized with an Exemplary Partner Award: Hoag Hospital Presbyterian and Fletcher Jones Motorcars. Pictures were taken and posted on Coastline ROP’s various social media channels.
A window decal has been designed for internship sites and business partners to display. Internship teachers have begun distributing decals to sites. Research is being done regarding the use of banners at school sites.
On a monthly basis, one business partner is being highlighted on social media outlets for their partnership and contributions to the ROP.

o Create a Strategic Plan for the ROP. (O)
The superintendent will modify the priorities for 2019-2020 to better reflect short- and long-term goals.

2. Enhance instructional off erings to support student achievement.


o Improve and refine data collection and analysis methods to assess student outcomes and address gaps in achievement of Anchor Standards and the Standards for Career Ready Practice (WASC). (C)
Questions to the Student Exit Survey were revised this fall to secure more relevant data.

o Update data collection and analysis relevant to partner districts’ LCAPs in SCSCR and incorporate findings and implications from report in the organizational planning process (WASC). (C)
The information gathered for the district infographic will be used in organizational planning.

3. Promote an organizational culture that supports health, safety and life-long learning.


o Continue to work with partner districts to ensure course offerings meet the needs of the regional labor market and support district objectives. Explore student transportation options and online/hybrid classes. (O)
The superintendent and the director of educational services continue to work with the Steering Committee to determine afterschool offerings and ideal locations. The concept of regional hub locations will be utilized in determining placement.
The ROP has been approved to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) testing site to allow students to test locally for the state exam.

o Ensure identified classes are part of a pathway to support Student achievement on the College and Career Indicator. (O)
An in-depth evaluation of all afterschool classes has been completed to ensure classes meet pathway requirements and/or address other measurements on the College and Career Indicator on the State Data Dashboard. Classes have been identified that need to have their course outlines revised to ensure they meet pathway requirements and Educational Services is adapting course outlines.
Two new pathways will be added to Creekside Education Center beginning in the 2019-2020 school year: Construction Design and Patient Care.
Information on Cybersecurity is being gathered as all districts have interest in developing a pathway.
The ROP administrator along with the animal healthcare instructor are expanding the current semester course offering to a two-course, year-long pathway. First semester will consist of theory, lab, guest speakers, and a field trip. Second semester will focus on the internship experience.
Additionally, Advanced Culinary is being added to the culinary pathway at Creekside Education Center.

o Increase the number of articulated courses, UC approved courses, and industry recognized certifications to support student achievement on the College and Career Indicator. (O)
There are four new articulation agreements: Entertainment Art, Construction Technology and Maintenance and Light Repair I and II.
Nineteen courses were UC/CSU approved in 2018-2019, with seven pending approval. If all are approved, 49 classes will be UC/CSU approved for 2019-2020.

o Offer additional internship classes or job shadowing/mentorship opportunities to support student achievement on the College and Career Indicator. (O)
The ROP supports the Construction Mentorship Program at Estancia High School by participating in monthly construction industry meetings to recruit new mentors and expand work-based learning opportunities for students in this field. This program is part of the pre-apprenticeship grant.

o Update and align all course outlines, descriptions, and syllabi to the current CTE standards and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) (WASC). (O)
This is in process.

o Develop uniform key assignments and assessments of core competencies for each course (WASC). (O)
This section is subsumed in the descriptor below.

o Develop curriculum pacing guides for all courses and programs (WASC). (O)
Medical Nursing Careers Internship and Medical Terminology were completed this year, along with a new course - Medical Careers and Health Systems.
Automotive Technology MLR 1 and MLR 2 and Art of TV/ Video Production were completed in the spring.

o Explore the development of additional tools to use in assessing student achievement of the SLOs (WASC). (O)

4. Seek additional opportunities to increase organizational efficiency and fiscal stability.


o Amend Joint Powers Agreement. (O)
The ROP contracted with School Services to facilitate the revision of the Joint Powers Agreement. A meeting with district stakeholders was held on December 18. There was a study session for the Board of Trustees on February 13. The next meeting with stakeholders was held on March 29. The ROP superintendent met with district superintendents on May 23 and May 30 to identify key elements of a Bridge Agreement for 2019-2020 and an amended Joint Powers Agreement for 2020-2021. There was a special session for the Board of Trustees on June 11. The Bridge Agreement will be on the June agenda.

o Work with regional partners to develop grant application for Strong Workforce funding. (C)
The superintendent was selected to serve on the selection committee for the K-12 Strong Workforce Program and is on the ad-hoc committee for our state association, CAROCP. The ROP is participating in the county application for funding and is eligible to receive up to $277,000.

o Explore creating an educational foundation. (O)
The superintendent connected with the California Consortium of Education Foundations for information on steps to creating a foundation and ordered the starter kit and consulted with a local CPA.

o Develop a system for reviewing compensation schedule. (C)
The human resources administrator developed a compensation schedule monitoring system.

o Fulfill requirements of Career Pathways Trust Grant, Pre-Apprenticeship Grant and CTE Incentive Grant. (O)
The education and partnership development specialist and the administrators continue to meet the requirements of the grants.

o Research and pursue additional funding opportunities. (O)
The education and partnership development specialist submitted an application for the next round of the CTE Incentive Grant funding. The ROP was awarded $460,000 in the current round of CTEIG.

o Create a budget task force. (O)
The Leadership Team identified a reduction in expenses for 2019-2020 of $200,000.

o Work with district partners to maximize level of services provided by the ROP. (O)
There have been numerous meetings with district stakeholders to ensure course offerings and other services meet the needs of each district. This includes meeting with superintendents, CBOs and steering committee members.



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