Coastline ROP

Our 21-22 Priorities

Coastline ROP aspires to be recognized by its partner districts as the premier provider of innovative career technical education promoting student engagement, student achievement, and college and career readiness. The strategic priorities below will help us achieve this goal.

1. Increase outreach, communication, and collaboration with stakeholders to convey the value of CTE and ROP.
  Objective: Develop and implement a plan to regularly communicate with key stakeholder groups.
  • Communicate information about student achievement, course offerings and fiscal updates to districts. Have students present annually at each district board meeting. Ongoing
  • Provide CALPADS course information and all relevant data to districts for federal and state reporting. Establish a data task force consisting of a representative from each district to determine data needs. June 2022 & Ongoing
  • Share program information and needs with legislators. Ongoing
  • Increase connections with business community through work with the Chambers of Commerce and CEO Alliance. Ongoing
  • Hire a grant-funded outreach specialist to increase work-based learning opportunities for students and to expand outreach to parents, including middle school. October 2021
2. Enhance instructional offerings and support student achievement.
  Objective: Develop and implement a plan to ensure courses meet the requirements on the College and Career Indicator.
  • Work with partner districts to create after-bell pathways. Ongoing
  • Increase the number of college credit courses, UC/CSU approved courses and certifications. Ongoing
  • Increase short-term career experience opportunities for students. Ongoing
  • Develop and utilize strategies to increase student retention. June 2022
  Objective: Provide high-quality instruction and analyze
  • Finalize WASC Self-Study and host visiting team. April 2022
  • Transition from Global Lessons to Project-Based Learning Model for assessing SLOs. June 2022 & Ongoing
  • Expand Virtual Advisories to address all sectors. June 2022
  • Increase student access to after-bell classes. Explore the use of online/hybrid, multiple sites for in-person instruction, or virtual formats. Ongoing
  • Explore offering more summer classes utilizing grant funds. June 2022
  • Evaluate course offerings to ensure we are meeting the needs of our partner districts, community, and labor market. June 2022 & Ongoing
  • Work with steering committee members to ensure after bell classes are included in each school site’s course selection form. January 2022
3. Promote an organizational culture that supports health, safety and life-long learning.
  Objective: Improve recruitment of new staff members and retention of existing staff members.
  • Survey staff regarding professional development needs and create departmental professional development plans. June 2022 & Ongoing
  • Provide professional development on Social-Emotional Learning. June 2022
  • Provide cross-training within departments. Ongoing
  • Offer Recruitment and Retention Incentive. June 2022
  Objective: Continue to enhance safety protocols and security measures.
  • Continue to review and enhance safety plan on Presidio site. Increase use of Crisis Go platform to provide more engaging and relevant safety-related training to staff. June 2022 & Ongoing
  • Ensure after bell teachers and students are knowledgeable about safety protocols. Ongoing
  • Update COVID-19 Plan and upgrade ventilation system at Presidio site. December 2021
  • Upgrade current phone system to comply with new 911 location laws. December 2021
4. Seek additional opportunities to increase organizational efficiency and fiscal stability.
  Objective: Effectively manage resources.
  • Transition to a digital format for general operations. December 2021
  • Explore contracting with OCDE for Time and Attendance system. June 2022
  Objective: Ensure financial sustainability of the ROP.
  • Offer short-term fee-based classes. June 2022
  • Research and pursue additional funding opportunities through the organization and the foundation. June 2022 & Ongoing
  • Analyze fiscal terms of Appendix A of the Joint Powers Agreement. Ongoing

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