Coastline ROP

Title IX Information

The ROP designee for handling and processing Title IX Complaints is:

J. S. Coke

Director of Educational Services
Title IX Coordinator & Compliance Officer
1001 Presidio Square, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Title IX Complaint Process

All formal Title IX complaints will be investigated and resolved according to the Uniform Complaint Procedures. (AR 1312.3.) The investigation process will be completed within 60 days.

When must a Title IX complaint be filed

A complaint of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, or bullying must be filed within six months from the date the alleged discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying, occurred or the date the complainant first obtained knowledge of the facts. Upon written request the Superintendent or his or her designee may extend the time for filing a complaint, but the complaint shall be filed no later than one year from the date the alleged violation occurred. (BP 1312.3.)

Pupil Rights and ROP Responsibilities Regarding Title IX

Title IX provides students and parents the right to have fair and equitable treatment and shall not be discriminated against based on your sex; the right to be provided with an equitable opportunity to participate in all academic extracurricular activities, including athletics; the right to inquire of the athletic director of your school as to the athletic opportunities offered by the school; the right to apply for athletic scholarships; and the right to receive equitable treatment and benefits in the provision of the following: equipment and supplies, scheduling of game and practices, transportation and daily allowances, access to tutoring, coaching, locker rooms, practice and competitive facilities, medical training facilities and services, and publicity. (Ed Code 221.8.)

Internet Resources for Pupils and the Public Regarding Title IX

California Department of Educational Equity Compliance Office

United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights



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