Coastline Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

BITA (Building Industry Technology Academy)
Foundation of Residential & Commercial Construction


The following ROP courses meets the UC/CSU Preparatory Elective ā€œGā€ requirement. To meet UC/CSU admission requirement (ā€œGā€ credit), students must complete a full year (two semesters) of the class and earn a grade of 70% or better.


BITA 1 Foundation of Residential & Commercial Construction
Do you have an interest in construction and/or architecture? Learn the basic skills required of the construction trades in this hands-on class! The focus of this course is on building design, performance, sustainability and the manner in which residential and commercial structures are designed and built. Students learn industry standard safety habits and procedures, vocabulary, use of hand and power tools, blueprint reading, and measurement and estimating. During simulated builds, students acquire experience working with building materials. Participate in construction competition opportunities during the year.

BITA 2 Study of Modern Craftsmanship & Infrastructure
Study infrastructure and craftsmanship in this course designed to understand the history behind construction, materials, and trades in the industry. Learn more advanced knowledge of and increase your skill set in safety practices, use of hand and power tools, blueprint reading, geometry, and estimating. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to perform the duties of an entry-level building construction technician with the knowledge of construction codes and general and trade-specific terminology. Showcase your skill set and participate in the Design/Build competition.

Certification: Students will have the opportunity to earn the OSHA 10-hour Construction card.
Prerequisites: BITA 1 Foundation of Residential and Commercial Construction. Algebra 1 (Recommended).

BITA 3 Energy Efficiency & Infrastructure of the Future
Learn how to build structures that will lessen the impact of humans on the environment in this course focused on sustainability and eco-design. Identify ways to conserve resources in construction; select alternative tools and tool maintenance for use in green building; identify alternative practices and methods that take natural resources into account. Understand the latest evidence and thinking on climate change, energy, water, pollution, waste, biodiversity, efficient use of materials, and work with natural elements as resources to become zero-net energy.

Prerequisites: BITA 2 Study of Modern Craftsmanship and Infrastructure.

BITA 4 Emerging Construction Advances & Changes
Learn how to manage a full-scale project and master skills in welding, drywall, and f inish carpentry. This class will focus on all aspects of a construction project including creating blueprints, planning materials, estimating cost, project finance, and documentation

Prerequisites: BITA 3 Energy Efficiency & Infrastructure of the Future.


  • Employment literacy
  • Personal skills related to employment
  • Interpersonal skills and group dynamics
  • Thinking and problem solving skills
  • Communication skill


Upon successful completion, Coastline ROP students will:

  • Integrate Academic and Technical Skills
  • Practice Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Communicate and Collaborate with Diverse Audiences
  • Demonstrate Creativity and Innovation
  • Act as Responsible, Ethical Citizens
  • Develop Personal, Educational and Career Goals

Course Descriptions

Administration of Justice (AOJ)
Animal Health Care (Fall)
Animal Health Care Internship (Spring)
Art of Animation
Art of TV & Video Production
Automotive Electrical Systems (Fall)
Automotive Engineering Fundamentals (Spring)
Automotive Fundamentals
Automotive Technology Advanced
Automotive Technology Internship
Automotive Technology Introduction
Automotive Technology MLR I
Automotive Technology MLR II
Baking & Pastry Fundamentals
BITA (Building Industry Technology Academy)
Body Systems & Disorders
Broadcast News
Careers in Artificial Intelligence
Careers with Children Internship
Child Development
CNA (Pre-Certification) Internship
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics Advanced
Computerized Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW)
Construction Technology Pre-Apprenticeship
Costume Design
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts Advanced
Culinary Arts Internship
Dental Assistant Back Office (Fall)
Dental Assistant Back Office Internship (Spring)
Dental Assistant Front Office
Diversified Service Careers Internship
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Engineering Design & Development (PLTW)
Film & Digital Media Studies
Fire Science 101
Intermediate Video & Film
Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW)
Media Arts Advanced
Media Arts Intermediate
Media Arts Introduction
Medical Careers & Health Systems
Medical Innovations, Research, & Entrepreneurship
Medical Nursing Careers Internship
Multimedia Communications Design
Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Technician Internship
Principles of Engineering (PLTW)
Retail Sales & Merchandising Internship
Sports Medicine & Athletic Training
Sports Medicine Advanced
Sports Medicine Internship
Study of TV and Film Making
Theater Technology
Virtual Enterprise