Coastline Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

Introduction to Product Design & Engineering (IPDE)


The following one-year ROP course meets the UC/CSU Preparatory Elective “g” requirement.


Introduction to Product Design & Engineering (IPDE) is a concentration course in the Engineering Design Pathway.  To prepare students for engineering and technical careers, IPDE introduces students to key design and engineering concepts and methodologies as well as skills and knowledge in reverse engineering and project management. This course integrates Newtonian physics principles and material science fundamentals with both traditional and modern design tools and techniques, including instruction on traditional drafting principles, SolidWorks - the industry-standard 3D parametric design modeling software – and additive manufacturing.  Throughout the year, students will complete a series of hands-on cumulative design projects.  The skills learned in this course will apply directly to the demands of project-based learning activities such as the annual UC Irvine Energy Invitational.

  • The product and engineering design industry
  • Workplace safety
  • Engineering drawing fundamentals
  • Measurement and statistics
  • Computer Aided Design models
  • Geometric shapes
  • Dimensions and tolerances
  • Advanced modeling skills
  • 3D printing and finishing
  • Engineering key concepts
  • Visual, functional and structural analysis
  • Product improvement
  • Design teams


Upon successful completion, Coastline ROP students will:

  • Integrate Academic and Technical Skills
  • Practice Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Communicate and Collaborate with Diverse Audiences
  • Demonstrate Creativity and Innovation
  • Act as Responsible, Ethical Citizens
  • Develop Personal, Educational and Career Goals

Course Descriptions

Administration of Justice (AOJ)
Agricultural Aquaponics
Animal Health Care (Fall)
Animal Health Care Internship
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
Architecture 1 & 2
Art of Animation
Art of TV & Video Production
Automotive Brakes & Suspension
Automotive Technology
Automotive Technology Adv.
Automotive Technology Internship
Automotive Technology MLR I
Automotive Technology MLR II
Automotive Technology Pre-Apprenticeship
Baking & Pastry Fundamentals
Broadcast News
BITA (Building Industry Technology Academy)
Foundation of Residential & Commercial Construction
Careers in Education
Careers in Education (Docent Program)
Careers with Children Internship
CNA (Pre-Certification) Internship
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics Adv.
Computer Programming
Computerized Accounting
Construction Technology
Construction Technology Pre-Apprenticeship
Costume Design
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts Adv.
Culinary Arts Internship
Dental Assistant Back Office (Fall)
Dental Assistant Back Office Internship (Spring)
Dental Assistant Front Office
Digital Photography and Design
Diversified Service Careers Internship
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Engineering Design
Engineering Design & Development
Engineering Innovations
Entertainment Art
Exploring Computer Science
Farm to Fork (Spring)
Film & Digital Media Studies
Fire Science 101
Food Services Cooperative
Intermediate Video & Film
Introduction to Engineering
Introduction to Product Design & Engineering
Media Arts Adv.
Media Arts Intermediate
Media Arts Introduction
Medical Careers & Health Systems
Medical Nursing Careers Internship
Microsoft Tools
Multimedia Communications Design
Music Technology
Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Technician Internship
Principles of Engineering
Professional Dance
Professional Music Adv.
Retail Sales & Merchandising Internship
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Sports Medicine Adv.
Sports Medicine & Athletic Training
Study of TV and Film Making
Tech Tools (Spring)
Theater Technology
Video Game Design
Virtual Enterprise
Visual Imagery
Visual Imagery Adv.
Word Processing/Keyboarding

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