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Finding Your Passion Through ROP
Graduates in this video discuss the college and career success they found by taking classes at Coastline ROP.

Multiple ROP Classes Equal Multiple Opportunities
Tiana had a clear vision of what she wanted for her future. ROP helped open doors for her while she was still in high school.

Discovering a Fulfilling Career
Elaine's family raised her to be a pharmacist, but she discovered that her dream job was in nursing.

Possibilites are Limitless for Young Artist
Angela was able to discover whole new worlds of art and evolve into a multifaceted artist.

Dispassionate Student Becomes Engaged
Karina never felt connected or passionate about the classes that took until ROP introduced her to Culinary Arts.

Assurance of Future Career
Zyerie's intership in an E.R. and classroom experiences give her confidence to become a Registered Nurse.

ROP Business Student Receives College Opportunity
Michelle's decision to take three ROP business classes resulted in an invitation to visit a college, which she later attended, and an internship with IBM.

Returning to ROP
Remembering her high school experience with ROP, Thanh-Loan decides to enroll into the nursing program as an adult.

Medical Student Challenges Status Quo
Brianna is taking steps to ensure she will be the first college student in her family.

Ability to Test Interest in the Medical Field
Meet Brianna, an ROP student that is taking steps to ensure she will be the first person in her family to attend college.

Young Artist Explores New Methods
Confident in her artistic abilities at a young age, Angela was wary of trying new mediums. ROP helped Angela explore new methods, utilize new materials and expand her repertoire.

Work Experience in an Educational Setting
Meet Trevor, an ROP student that doesn't let his circumstances slow him down in achieving his dream of working in the medical field.

First-Hand Experiences Determine Medical Pathway
Career specialist directs student to enroll in ROP class, a decision that will assist her in achieving her goal of becoming a medical professional.

ROP Effects College Readiness
Meet Hanna, an ROP student who is committed to her goal of working in pediatric medicine.

Hopeful Firefighter Begins Career Pathway
Chris did not know where to start when it came to his childhood ambition of becoming a firefighter, but ROP got him started on the career pathway.

Discovering a Passion for Nursing
Elaine's interest in a nursing career turned into a passion after completing ROP nursing internship programs.

Fire Technology Student Gains Confidence
Tony successfully completed Fire Technology programs and is now on the path to becoming a fire fighter.
Passion for Fashion
Pachet's Retail Sales & Merchandising Internship course gives her just the experience she was hoping for in the fashion industry.




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